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At Clockwork Jiu Jitsu we want to pass on the many benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Submission Grappling. We offer programs that help everyone from the total beginner to the advanced student looking to take their game to the next level.

We are also proud to announce the start of our kids BJJ program. Learn more about our kids martial arts classes in NYC.

Josh Griffiths, the head josh-griffiths-bjjinstructor at Clockwork Jiu Jitsu – is known for his quality instruction, accessibility, and being able to create an ego free learning environment.

The benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are endless and include:

–  Gain confidence
–  Increased focus
–  Increased stamina
–  Gain more self discipline
–  Lose weight
–  Get into great shape
–  Relieve Stress
–  Have Fun
–  Safety First Training and Teaching Style
–  Ego-Free and Supportive Environment

Clockwork BJJ is conveniently located at 650 Broadway(Between Bond and Bleeker) in NYC and prides itself as being New York’s premier ego free BJJ training facility.

Please be my guest and try a free private class at Clockwork Jiu Jitsu with no obligation. Call 212.675.0300 or email today for more information on group classes, private lessons and for our free introductory offer.

Josh Griffiths

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Clockwork BJJ Kids Martial Arts Program
Clockwork BJJ offers an alternative to the traditional kids karate and kids martial arts classes that are currently available in NYC.

Clockwork Jiu Jitsu’s program is fun and age specific. It will help your child reach their full potential regardless of their current skill level.

What is BJJ?
BJJ, also know as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – is a martial art and self defense system that was derived from Japanese Jiu Jitsu and Judo. It provides maximum effectiveness while minimizing the amount of training time necessary to develop top level skills.

It was designed so that a physically smaller person can defend themselves against a larger, stronger and more aggressive one by using leverage and proper technique.

Kaden Pollard Kids Class

Jiu Jitsu Benefits:
– Confidence
– Increased focus
– Increased stamina
– Self discipline
– Weight loss
– Plus your child will have fun in a clean, safe, ego-free and supportive environment!


Black Belt Instructor:
– Motivates
– Encourages
– Supports your child’s growth and goals
– Provides personal attention for beginners with no experience

Kids BJJ (ages 3-5/6-9/10-14) Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm and Saturday 11am

Free Class
Please be my guest and try a free class at Clockwork Jiu Jitsu with no obligation. Call 212.675.0300 or email today for more information on our kids BJJ martial arts program.

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New York City Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Women Only BJJ Training

New York City Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Martial Arts
Women Only BJJ Training

Clockwork Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Karen Peterson hosted the Women Only Open Mat. The event was a huge success and had over 25 female BJJ practitioners in attendance. The event is 2 hours of fun and intense Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training where you get a chance to train and interact with female practitioners from around New York City and surrounding areas. The event is always free, and we welcome everyone no matter her belt rank or gym affiliation. The purpose of this bi monthly self-defense event is to help continue to build a strong and unified community of female Jiu Jitsu athletes on the east coast. At Clockwork Jiu Jitsu, we feel it is important for women to get the opportunity to train together in a friendly and welcoming environment in order to build a strong community of female martial artists in New York City. Check out our Facebook page at NYC WOMEN ONLY OPEN MAT, and we can’t wait to see you on the mats!


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clean gi only

Did you know that “staph infections” are caused by staphylococcus bacteria, a type of germ commonly found on the skin or in the nose of even healthy individuals. Most of the time, these bacteria cause no problems or result in relatively minor skin infections. However, staph can turn deadly if the bacteria invade deeper into your body, entering your bloodstream, joints, bones, lungs or heart. [CNN, health. Online. 2011]

This is one of the reasons why at Clockwork Jiu Jitsu we insist that shoes be removed upon entry, that you are wearing a clean Jiu Jitsu uniform, and have your nails clipped prior to participation.


We do our due diligence to ensure our mat space is clean, constantly disinfecting with hospital-grade cleaners. Soap, hand sanitizer, disposable paper towels, and first aid are always available. Member laundry and towel service are washed daily in hot water with detergent and bleach. Also, any soiled gym clothes and equipment left behind are discarded if not claimed in a timely manner.

At Clockwork Jiu Jitsu, proper hygiene is not simply recommended, but should be considered mandatory.

What a lot of us tend to forget is that practicing good hygiene before and after training is just as important as showing up, and the truth is: it’s more of a medical importance than a social one.

What some beginner and even experienced grapplers don’t realize is that there are a lot of nasty things that are easily transmittable while grappling. Ringworm and Staph are the two most common issues encountered.

Having poor hygiene means you are putting yourself, your coaches, and your sparring partners at an unnecessary risk. It is important to know, however, that these issues are PREVENTABLE and TREATABLE.

“Your skin is a vital barrier against abrasions and pathogens, and proper hygiene is the best way to keep your skin healthy…Removing dead cells, dirt and microbes on the skin surface is key to [maintaining] good hygiene.”

In other words, wash your hands and take a shower before arriving and after training, and if you suspect you have a skin infection, please do the right thing and stay off the mat.

Check out a general list of suggestions to help continue to promote a safe and clean training environment and Jiu Jitsu experience for everyone involved after the jump…


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Not getting enough sleep isn’t the only thing draining your energy levels. Especially during the hotter summer months, the small things you do, and don’t do can leave you exhausted physically and mentally. Below is a short list highlighting common bad habits that hinder your BJJ training, making you feel tired and overworked.

1. You stay up too late on weekends

Partying like a rock star on a Saturday night and then sleeping in all day Sunday morning may lead to difficulty falling asleep Sunday night—and a sleep-deprived Monday morning can start your week of Jiu Jitsu training off on the wrong foot. We aren’t saying stay home and be a hermit, instead, try to wake up close to your normal time the following morning, and then take a power nap in the afternoon to recuperate.

It is believed that napping for 20 minutes or so allows the body to recharge without entering the deeper stages of sleep, which can cause you to wake up more tired. As practitioners of the gentle art, we must not forget that good rest is an essential part of our arsenal.

2. You don’t drink enough water

Amy Goodson, RD, a dietitian for Texas Health Ben Hogan Sports Medicine has been quoted saying that, “Being even slightly dehydrated—as little as 2% of normal fluid loss—takes a toll on energy levels. Dehydration causes your heart to pump less efficiently…reducing the speed at which oxygen and nutrients reach your muscles and organs.” Goodson recommends that to calculate your normal fluid needs, take your weight in pounds, divide in half and drink that number of ounces of fluid a day.

3. You skip training when you’re tired

Skipping your Jiu Jitsu workout to save energy actually works against you. Recently, the University of Georgia conducted a study showing that “healthy adults who began exercising lightly three days a week for as little as 20 minutes at a time reported feeling less fatigued and more energized after six weeks.” Jiu Jitsu training not only will increase your strength and endurance, but will also help your cardiovascular system run more efficiently. So next time you’re tempted to crash on the couch, join us on the mats and do some light technical drilling—you won’t regret it.


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9W5C4154On April 25th 2014, Kenny Florian, the Ultimate Fighting Championship legend, and current host of UFC Tonight came to Clockwork BJJ to promote head instructor Joshua Griffiths to 2nd degree Black Belt.

Florian, the future UFC Hall-of-Famer, and the only UFC fighter to compete in four divisions is considered among the greatest lightweights in mixed martial arts history.

At the end of the belt promotion ceremony there was another special surprise. Having trained under Josh since 2006, Clockwork BJJ instructor Russell Kerr was awarded his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and for his first time at Clockwork found himself speechless.

Russell has taken his entire Jiu Jitsu journey with Josh; going from the white belt all the way to the black belt level. He credits Jiu Jitsu for helping him get into and stay in shape.

Clockwork Jiu Jitsu prides itself on facilitating a positive and fun environment where beginners as well as advanced Jiu Jitsu practitioners are not afraid to ask questions, or be afraid to make mistakes. If you are in New York, come by, take a free intro class, and see if Clockwork Jiu Jitsu is the right place for you.

Check out the video after the jump!


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