At Clockwork BJJ, we offer an ego-free training environment in downtown NYC where all levels are welcome. Our studio attracts individuals looking for more than just a place to practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu and be challenged in learning new skills – it also satisfies that desire to belong to a friendly and supportive community, and have lots of fun. It’s inevitable that through Brazilian jiu-jitsu training you will find a better version of yourself as you overcome fears and challenges – and ultimately end up in the best shape of your life. The community at Clockwork BJJ is unique and perhaps the primary source of motivation to succeed on the mat.

We believe that anyone can learn the art if they put in time and effort, and have found that the most motivating factors are that people have to be comfortable to learn effectively, and they must be happy to continue training. It’s because of our members that we know this as fact and can guarantee our environment to be conducive to learning and growing with the martial art.

The other half of the equation is the level of quality teaching. Our instructors are highly seasoned, have great depth of skill, and years of experience in the sport. Just as important, they are positive, approachable and won’t stand for hero-worship. We are here to help you find your best, and through useful instruction we provide tools to get it right, grow, build and gain confidence. This attitude trickles down to the newest students who find a nurturing, easy-going environment, and similarly to veteran martial artists who discover a competitive atmosphere of respectful and friendly peers.

We are proud to have the highest percentage of women training at Clockwork BJJ than at any other NYC studio. We offer a weekly womens-only class taught by a female Clockwork BJJ black belt instructor, held Sunday at 12pm.

Also, we firmly believe that kids should learn how to do an individual sport and offer classes starting at age 4. We are honored to have many parents and their children simultaneously training at Clockwork BJJ.

Our style:

There is nothing cult-like about Clockwork. Nor are there any hard rules – you can opt out of sparring, come late, leave early – we are not rigid and are setup to meet you where you’re at. Our approach to building a well-structured curriculum is based on studied and proven methods for most effective learning. The moves stay the same all week with much thought and deliberation put into each level. The focus is always on gaining proficiency and experience before building on it, drilling and improving techniques down the smallest detail.

Our promise:

  • We will know your name and remember your face
  • If you call or email, expect to hear back from us promptly
  • Our instructors genuinely care about their students and are dedicated to your progress
  • We encourage you and offer hands-on help; we will never yell at you
  • We don’t subscribe to a sink or swim mentality – there’s room for all
  • We don’t try and kill you on your first day – we want you to come back!
  • Classes always start on time
  • Classes are small enough that you can ask and receive direct feedback
  • Cleanliness and hygiene are of supreme importance
  • Our staff is friendly and approachable